Sun Ra – Astro Black (1973)

I’m sure you all know Sun Ra so i don’t introduce him and what he has done in his life, from music, to movies, passing throught books…simply a genius!!!
Composed by Sun Ra
Bass: Ronnie Boykins
Clarinet (bass): Eloe Omoe
Clarinet (mistro): Pat Patrick
Congas: Atakatun, Chiea, Odun
Electronic Keyboards, Moog Synthesizers, Electro Vibraphone: Sun Ra
Percussions: Tommy Hunter, John Gilmore
Sax (alto): Danny Davis, Marshall Allen
Sax (baritone): Danny Thompson
Sax (tenor): John Gilmore
Trombone: Charles Stephens
Trumpet: Akh Tal Ebah, Lamont McClamb
Violin and Viola: Alzo Wright
Vocals: June Tyson, Ruth Wright

a1. Astro Black
a2. Discipline “99”
a3. Hidden Spheres
b1. The Cosmo-Fire Part 1
b2. The Cosmo-Fire Part 2
b3. The Cosmo-Fire Part 3

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