Wildelux – Hustlemania (2007)

William Berry aka Wildelux (pronunced Will Deluxe), raised in the Bronx NYC, moved to LA in the early 90’s, now part of the Last Kind Entertainment Crew. First official solo release, “HUSTLEMANIA”, sounds really hip hop with a good taste of soul sampling, produced by a bunch of worldwide beatmakers. Easy to hear and very appreciable sound. If you like this stuff go out and get it, support this artist, visit his myspace page to order you copy

1. The Commencement (prod.by Dj Lord Ron)
2. Public Secret (prod.by Clav Split)
3. Limited Edition (prod.by Mega Lawge)
4. This 1 4 U feat.Derek Strong (prod.by Sentense)
5. Hungastrike (prod.by Djimon)
6. Aim High (prod.by Dj Lord Ron)
7. The Feel Good (prod.by Sentense)
8. Won’t Die (prod.by Suff Daddy)
9. Optimal Performance feat.Rico Won & Derek Strong (prod.by Sentese)
10. Journey J.B. (prod.by Djimon)
11. Here I Go Again (prod.by Mac)
12. High Voltage (prod.by Freshmaker)
13. 2nd Hand Smoked (prod.by Sentense)
14. Hustlas N Hardcore (prod.by Djimon)
15. Broken Dreams (prod.by Sentense)
16. Today’s Special feat.Freespeech (prod.by Sentense)
17. Geto Vets feat.Mr.Bakka (prod.by Mac)
18. Hustlemania (prod.by Sentense)
19. Unkut Akshun (prod.by Djimon)
20. Hustlemania Remix feat.Locksmith (prod.by Mega Lawge)
21. Forgotten Soulz feat.Locksmith (prod.by Sentense)

— PART I —

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