Artfull Dodgers – Off The Credenza!!! (2007)

From Flint, Michigan, the Artfull Dodgers are the founding members Gozza and Jackpot with DJ Psycho, Zack Daniels and Sir Real the Artful Diablo
“Off The Credenza!!!” third official release produced by DJ Psycho the Irrational Kydd, DJ Phizyx, Big Perm, Big Rob, IQ, Johnny Mnemonic, Tino, Gozza and Shanrock

1. Intro
2. Take A Look Around
3. Remember
4. Dodgers Gone Psycho Feat.DJ Psycho
5. Bait Shop Boogie Feat.Tino (Of The Howling Diablos)
6. Avalanche Advance
7. Majestic Mics Feat.J.U.I.C.E.
8. Artfull Dodgers Vs. Aslaam Mahdi
9. Ain’t That A Bitch
10. No More Pain Feat.Zen Christopher
11. Love Of My Life
12. Hip Hop Style
13. Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
14. Impeccable B1 Freestyle
15. B-B Butcher
16. Knuckleheads
17. Interlude
18. Breaking News
19. Close Your Eyes
20. State Of Michigan Feat.Shanrock
21. Dodgeball
22. Oh What A Night Feat.Bangtown
23. My Opinion

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