Sol.Illaquists Of Sound – As If We Existed (2006)

The Sol.Illaquists Of Sound are Swamburger, Tonya Combs, Alexandra and DiVinci, from Orlando, Florida. They developed a unique style mixing differents music genres from jazz to hip hop, passing through dnb and rock, they labeled this particulare style FAHEEM that stands for “Free Astral Hip Hop Extraterrestrially Energized Message.
Every track is produced by DiVinci

1. Pledge Of Resonance
2. Property & Malt Liquor
3. As If We Existed
4. Mark It Place
5. Ask Me If I Care
6. Black Guy Peace
7. Choices
8. Berlin
9. Beautiful Catastrophe
10. Ur Turn
11. All Too Common
12. Our 2 Cents

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    • Elan
    • November 6th, 2007

    though i'm not a big fan of the music, DaVinci really gets down on the mpc! he does a lot of live work on it, and really pushes it to its limits. check out some videos on youtube.

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