Grieves – Irreversible (2007)

MC from Seattle in tour this september and october with Atmosphere, Mac Lethal, Luckyiam and Grayskull
First solo album released with his own label
SUPPORT GRIEVES and buy his release

1. Fly Away
2. Unedible
3. Bottom of the Bottle
4. He Won’t Answer
5. I Ate Your Soul feat.P Smoov
6. Irreversible feat.Mr. Lif
7. *Skit*
8. Capitol Hills Girls (that look like Capitol Hills Boys) feat.P Smoov
9. Front Foot Planted feat.Symmetry, Type
10. Another Love feat.Helen Chance
11. Scar Gardens
12. Get Down
13. Half Empty
14. Rebecca
15. If Luck Was a Lady
16. The Room We Hide In feat.Mad Son, Kublakai
17. Lazt Kall feat.Type, Rik Rude, P Smoov
18. Heroin Music

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    • Theory
    • November 17th, 2007

    Hey man Grieves is the homie and i'm gonna let him know that some one with your type of ear felt that his shit deserved a listen! Much props! Keep up the dope blog.-Theory

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