Dopestyle – The Little Happy/Fool’s Pool (2CD) (2007)

Here you got a doulbe album full of interesting featuring
Dopestye got his own story as dj in the early 90’s and so on, collecting collabo with Kutmasta Kurt, Peanut Butter Wolf, Motion Man and many others.
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1. The Little Intro
2. Welcome My Friends
3. We Put It Down (Feat. Pro The Leader, Opio F/ Souls Of Mischief/Hieroglyphics)
4. Wrap It Around Me
5. Dominator D (Me & You)
6. Halogen (Song For Jacob)
7. Wake Up In The Morning
8. Patty Cake
9. Situations
10. Sleepless Babes
11. Stress Reducer
12. The Little Happy
13. The Last Party (Old Man Blues)
14. The Little Outro

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1. Baby, Baby, Baby
2. The Bald Head Brute & The Long Hair Laymen (Feat Motion Man)
3. Drunk Phunk
4. Power Of The P
5. Here It Is…Herpes (Johnny’s Story)
6. Thrillers N Killers
7. Peekaboo
8. Yellow Jello (Crack Cocaine Blues)9. No Hope (Fool’s Pool Part 1)
10. I’m A Big Fan Of Yours
11. Riding Shotgun (Feat. Fathed, 4am)
12. Without You (I’m Only A Loser)
13. When I Die (Fool’s Pool Part 2)
14. Untitled
15. Mr. Malaise & Friends (Feat.Humanbeings, Casual F/ Hieroglyphics) (Mochipet RMX)
16. We Put It Down (Feat. Pro The Leader,Opio F/ Hieroglyphics) (Yoko Solo [Grindbender] RMX)

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