Galt MacDermot – Cotton Comes To Harlem O.S.T. (1972)

Original Motion Picture Score composed by Galt MacDermot, and you all know who is Galt!!!
MGM MUSIC. 1972…

a1. Cotton Comes To Harlem (vocal by George Tipton)
a2. Coffin And Grave Digger
a3. Going Home (vocal by Sakinah)
a4. Sunlight Swinging (vocal by Leta Galloway)
a5. Man In Distress
a6. Harlem Medley
b1. Black Enough (vocal by Melba Moore)
b2. Stockyard
b3. The Loving Ballad (vocal by Denise Dillapena)
b4. Deke
b5. Down In My Soul (vocal by Leta Galloway)
b6. Harlem By Day
b7. My Salvation (vocal by Melba Moore)
b8. Ed And Digger

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    • jcmoss33
    • November 10th, 2008

    I have this on vinyl and you guys just saved me a lot of time on the MP3 turntable. Thanks.PEace

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