Ultramagnetic MC’s – Funk Your Head Up (1992)

Produced by The Ultramagnetic MC’s
Guitar by Billy “Spaceman” Patterson

1 Introduction To The Funk
2 Intro
3 MC Champion
4 Go 4 Yourz
5 Blast From The Past
6 Funk Radio
7 Message From The Boss
8 Pluckin Cards
9 Intermission feat.Doctor Jam (Prod.by The Brothers Of Funk
10 Stop Jockin Me
11 Dolly And The Rat Trap
12 The Old School feat.Cold Crush Brothers
13 Bust The Facts
14 Murder And Homicide
15 You Ain’t Real
16 Make It Happen
17 I Like Your Style (Prod.by Charlie Beats)
18 Bi-Lingual Teaching
19 Poppa Large
20 Moe Love On The 1 And 2
21 Porno Star feat.Tim Dog
22 The P.M.R.C. ID
23 Chorus Line Pt. 2 feat.Tim Dog

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