Mickey & The Soul Generation – Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey & The Soul Generation (2CD) (2004)

Organ: Mickey Foster
Bass: Gilbert Rivera
Guitar: George Salas
Tenor Sax: Johnny Hooks
Tenor Sax & Vocals: Emil Carter
Drums: Andrew Gordon

Collection of studio and live recordings from an idea of Josh Davis aka DJ Shadow

1-01 Iron Leg
1-02 Football
1-03 Up The Stairs And Around The Bend
1-04 Give Everybody Some
1-05 Joint Session
1-06 The Whatzit
1-07 Get Down Brother
1-08 Mystery Girl
1-09 Message From A Black Man
1-10 Chocolate
1-11 How Good Is Good
1-12 We Got To Make A Change
1-13 Soulful Sickness
1-14 U.F.O. (Original Version)
1-15 Hey, Brother Man
1-16 Southern Fried Funk (1st Movement)
1-17 Southern Fried Funk (2nd Movement)
1-18 Hey, Brother Man (Demo Session)
1-19 U.F.O. (Demo Session)

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2-01 The Get Down
2-02 Working On Your Love
2-03 Help (I Need Your Love)
2-04 Why You Wanna Leave Me
2-05 Life’s A Mystery
2-06 Live Demo – Hey, Brother Man

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    • Visuals
    • April 28th, 2008

    Tasty instrumental funk! This is one that I'm gonna cop the next time I see it. Before now, I was only familiar with "Give Everybody Some" from the Texas Funk compilation. This set gives a proper introduction to the group and I think it is inDEED funky!thanks.

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