— FUNK45 —

Funk45 is a subsidiary of Jazzman Records.

These are some of the reissue of forgotten funk released by FUNK45. ENJOY!

The Brothers Seven
Funky Smunk / Evil Ways
A Funky Smunk
B Evil Ways

Mickey & The Soul Generation
We Got To Make A Change / Give Everybody Some
A We Got To Make A Change
B Give Everybody Some (Part 1)

The Chefs
A Mr. Machine (Part I)
B Mr. Machine (Part II)

The Fabulous Mark III
A Psycho (Part I)
B Psycho (Part II)

Latin Breed
I Turn You On / Hard To Handle
A I Turn You On
B Hard To Handle

James Polk & The Brothers
Power Struggle / Just Plain Funk
A Power Struggle
B Just Plain Funk

The Soul Lifters
Hot, Funky And Sweaty / Brothers And Sisters
A Hot, Funky & Sweaty
B Brothers & Sisters

The Majestics
Funky Chick / Coming On
A Funky Chick
B Coming On

The PC’s LTD
Fast Man / Stickman
A Fast Man
B Stickman

Arthur Monday
What Goes Around Comes Around
A What Goes Around Comes Around (Part 1)
B What Goes Around Comes Around (Part 2)

The Prepositions
Something Different / Sweet Lucy
A Something Different
B Sweet Lucy

Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer
Funky Thing
A Funky Thing (Part 1)
B Funky Thing (Part 2)

The M & S Band
Egg Roll
A Egg Roll

Vern Blair Debate
Super Funk / Ooh-Ah-Ee
A Super Funk
B Ooh-Aa-Ee

–> PART ONE (RS) <–

–> PART TWO (SA) <–

You need both to extract all!!!

    • August 4th, 2008

    oh men the second part is dead!theres a chance of upload?again?cheersfrom chile

    • Anonymous
    • August 5th, 2008

    great post and great blog man!huge respect!same request: shareonall is dead :(can u reup 2nd part of funk45?peaceMaxim

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