Midnight Movers Unlimited – Truckin’ (1967 – 1972)

Personal Note: The brainchild of the Midnight Movers would be George Patterson Jr, Lead Saxophonist & Arranger for the group. Patterson had worked with Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White as members of The Chess Records Studio house band back in 1962 and also was the arranger for The Isley Brothers million-seller “It’s Your Thing“. He continued to work with the Isley’s on the T-Neck albums: The Brothers: Isley (1969), Get Into Something (1970) & Givin’ It Back (1971). A dispute between The Movers & The Isleys caused the two outfits to part company. By late 72′, Patterson had formed his own label “Renee Records” which yeilded the group’s most popular single; “Follow The Wind (Part I & II).

The group’s next single, (Truckin’/Put Your Mind In Your Pocket) was also among the highest point for the Movers. After a short string of minor local hits, The expense of running an independent record label caused Patterson to close down Renee Records in 1975. As a result, The Movers were disbanded and several members continued to work in music. Charles “Skip” Pitts, One of the group’s guitarist went on to work with Isaac Hayes over at Stax in Memphis as a member of The Isaac Hayes Movement

  • Pickin’ & Chippin’
  • Sweet Darling
  • Medicated Goo
  • Crabs
  • Stop, Look & Listen
  • Tough Enough
  • Try Our Thing
  • Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
  • Music Makers
  • Funk Don’t Mean A Scent
  • In The Palm Of Another’s Hand
  • Trunkin’
  • Put Your Mind In Your Pocket
  • Masai (Do The Masai Children)
  • Something Has Got To Change
  • Follow The Wind Parts I & II


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    • catacaldos
    • June 9th, 2008

    Thank you.Great work,great blog.

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