Strictly Breaks Records presents The Ill Matic Collection (Features 34 Original Samples used by Nas)

1. Stacy Lattisaw – ‘Let Me Be Your Angel’ (Used For Stillmatic)
2. A3 – ‘Woke Up This Morning’ (Used For Got Ur Self A…)
3. Rodriguez – ‘Sugar Man’ (Used For You’re Da Man)
4. Geils – ‘Monkey Island’ (Used For Rewind)
5. Phil Collins – ‘In The Air Tonight’ (Used For One Mic)
6. Peabo Bryson – ‘Born To Love’ (Used For 2nd Childhood)
7. Tears 4 Fears – ‘Everybody Wants To Rule’ (Used For Rule)
8. J. Smith – ‘Gonna Love You’ Drum Skit (Used For Rule)
9. Orff – ‘Carmina Burana’ (Used For Hate Me Now)
10. Sting – ‘Shape Of My Heart’ (Used For One + One)
11. Linda Clifford – ‘Never Gonna Stop’ (Used For Street Dreams)
12. 24 Carat Black – ‘Mommas Coming’ (Used For Nas Is Coming)
13. Eddie Floyde – ‘Check Me Out’ (Used For La Familia)
14. Stephanie Mills – ‘Starlight’ (Used For Black Girl Lost)
15. Hubert Laws – ‘The Rite Of Spring’ (Used For One + One)
16. Zulema – ‘Love To Last Forever’ (Used For Small World)
17. Gong – ‘Babooji’ (Used For Oochie Wally)
18. Chris Barber – ‘Petite Fleur’ (Used For Phone Tap)
19. Blue Jays – ‘What Do You Want’ (Used For It Ain’t Hard To Tell (RMX)
20. Vicki Anderson – ‘Land Of Milk n Honey’ (Used For Live At The B-B-Q)
21. Bob James – ‘Nautilus’ Skit (Used For Live At The Barbeque)
22. Soul Children – ‘Move Over’ (Used For On The Real)
23. Love Unlimited – ‘I’ll Move U No Mountain’ (Used For Escobar ’97)
24. Bob James – ‘The Sponge’ (Used For Watch Dem *****s)
25. Chris Stein – ‘Subway Theme’ (Used For The Genesis)
26. Donald Byrd – ‘Flight Time’ (Used For N.Y. State Of Mind)
27. Joe Chambers – ‘Mind Rain’ (Used For N.Y. State Of Mind)
28. Gap Band – ‘Yearning For Your Love’ (Used For Life’s A *****)
29. Ahmad Jamal – ‘I Love Music’ (Used For The World Is Yours)
30. Japanese Hair – ‘Dead End’ (Used For Halftime)
31. Reuben Wilson – ‘We’re In Love’ (Used For Memory Lane)
32. Smilin’ Billy Suite – ‘Pt. 2’ (Used For One Love)
33. Jimmy Gordon – ‘Walter L.’ (Used For One Time 4 Your Mind)
34. Stanley Clarke – ‘Slow Dance’ Skit (Used For It Ain’t Hard To Tell)


— PART TWO (SoA) —

    • Anonymous
    • June 30th, 2008

    Very nice upload. I love these compsbecause you can break down the way the beats were made, but you also end up with a great collection of tracks. Thanks!

    • Anonymous
    • October 21st, 2008

    hey can you load up the 2nd part on RS? the sharonall one wont work for me?

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