Frankie Cutlass – Puerto Rico (VLS) (1996)

Frankie Cutlass is the puerto rican boricua rap pioneer and you all should know him!
This single shit has been requested by my big bro Visuals who is helping me keeping San Pasquel Ent. always on top. Is this what you were searching for?
Produced by Frankie Cutlass
Rap by Boogie and Evil Twins

A1 Puerto Rico (L.P. Version)
A2 Puerto Rico (1994 Radio Mix)
A3 Puerto Rico (1994 Instrumental)
B1 Puerto Rico (Puerto Rican Day Parade Mix)
B2 Puerto Rico (Original Mix)
B3 Puerto Rico (Original Instrumental)

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    • Visuals
    • July 10th, 2008

    HEYCEE…You don’t know how long I have been trying to jump this 12″.It was back in the mid-90’s and I was at a Burger King drive-thru on a Friday night when this piece came on the radio. They never said the artists name or the song title (as usual). All I had to go off of was the obvious lyrics “Puerto Rico – Ho!”. Some years passed and I had an idea to call one of the major record shops in Philly and inquire. The store dj told me it was Frankie Cutlass. I then ordered the CD from a local shop (at a hefty price before the internet age) only to be disappointed as the version I heard on the radio wasn’t on the CD. I hated that cd but I still have it for archive purposes. You came thru for me again! Thanks bro!I owe you.

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