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Billy Cobham – Total Eclipse (1974)

Drums and Timpani: Billy Cobham
Bass (Electric): Alex Blake
Flute and Saxophone (Soprano, Tenor): Mike Brecker
Guitar (Electric), Acoustic Guitar (Ovation): John Abercrombie
Keyboards: Milcho Leviev
Trombone (Tenor, Bass): Glenn Ferris
Trumpet and Flugelhorn: Randy Brecker
Congas: David Earle Johnson
Marimba: Sue Evans
Piano (Electric): Billy Cobham
Written and Arranged by Billy Cobham
Produced by Billy Cobham and Ken Scott for Bilham Cobly Productions
Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios and at Electric Lady Studios, New York

A1-I Solarization
II Second Phase
III Crescent Sun
IV Voyage
V Solarization-Recapitulation
A2 Lunarputians
A3 Total Eclipse
A4 Bandits
B1 Moon Germs
B2 The Moon Ain’t Made Of Green Cheese
B3 Sea Of Tranquility
B4 Last Frontier

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Bill Evans Trio with Stan Getz – But Beautiful (1974)

1974 European concert recording

1 Grandfather’s Waltz
2 Stan’s Blues
3 But Beautiful
4 Emily
5 Lover Man
6 Funkallero
7 The Peacocks
8 You And The Night And The Music
9 See-Saw
10 The Two Lonely People

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Willie Hutch – Fully Exposed (1973)

Personal Note: 1973’s “Fully Exposed” is one of my favorite LPs by the late great Willie Hutch. I have always held the track “Sunshine Lady” in high regards as one of the most smooth ballads that Mr. Hutch ever laid out on any given track. A very under-rated artist that shouldn’t be forgotten. Thanks for the requests “Ziggy“.

I Wanna Be Where You Are
Can’t Get Ready for Losing You
I Just Wanted to Make Her Happy
California My Way
Tell My Why Has Our Love Turned Cold
Sunshine Lady
I’ll Be There
If You Ain’t Got No Money (You Can’t Get No Honey)
Ain’t Nothing Like Togetherness

Willie Hutch – The Mark Of The Beast (1974)

Personal Note: Mr. Hutch’s 1975 drop on Motown Records. Having a sound that was truly original and in a class of it’s own, “Get Ready For The Get Down” is a classic example of Willie’s funky style and potential which he parlayed on many albums. Unfortunately, This album didn’t do quite as well as the more popular soundtrack scores but worth a listen

Get Ready For The Get Down
The Mark Of The Beast
Try It You’ll Like It
Life’s No Fun Living In The Ghetto
I’m Gonna Stay
Woman You Touched Me
Do the Thing That’s Best for You
Don’t You Let Nobody Tell You How to Do Your Thing
(I Wanted to Be a Rock & Roll Star) Woman I Still Got Loving You On My Mind
**NOTE – The tracks are NOT tagged (No Song Titles) sorry but not my rip


The Counts – What’s Up Front That Counts (1971)
Personal Note: This piece dropped in 1971 on the Motor City powerhouse label, “Westbound Records“. The band itself was a self-contained outfit from Detroit that formed in 1968 and their debut album “Jan Jan” was released under the name “The Fabulous Counts” for Cotillion Records in 69′. The group experienced some personel changes between 69′ & 71′ and the switch to Westbound proved to be a great benefit for the group’s sound. After this release, The band moved from Detroit to Atlanta to record their next (and sadly their final) 2 albums.

What’s up Front that Counts
Rhythm Changes
Thinking Single
Why not Start All Over Again
Pack of Lies

The Counts – Love Sign (1973)

Personal Note: The year 1973 found The Counts experiencing even more changes. By the release of this album in 73′, The 6-pc outfit had dwindled down to four members and had moved again from Detroit’s Westbound Records to Aware Records in Atlanta GA. where they remained for the rest of their career as a group before sadly disbanding in 1976. They released their final album in 75′ on the Aware label…”Funk Pump“. The Counts released some fine intrumentals in funk history. Check out the hypnotic/dreamy styled composition and arrangement of the track “I Have A Love Sign“.

I Have A Love Sign

Too Bad

Just You, Just Me

Riding High


Play It Again

Far Out

Count’s Blues


The Next Morning – The Next Morning (1971)
Personal Note: A rare slab of Psych/Funk/Soul/Rock that leans a little heavy on the style, ramblings and influences of Jimi Hendrix and other acid guitar groups & electric axemen of the day. The group formed in the late 60’s in New York (some say Philly) with 4 of the band’s members from Trinidad while the vocalist was from the Virgin Islands. Speaking of vocals, That department was not one of the outfit’s finer qualities but the album is definately worth a listen to fans of the genre for it’s progressive style.

The Next Morning
Changes of the Mind
Life is Love
Back to the Stone Age
A Jam of Love
Faces are Smiling