Willie Hutch – The Mack (1973)

Original soundtrack from the motion picture “The Mack”, a Harvery Bernhard film, released by Cinerama.
Backing Vocals: Carolyne Willis, Julia A. Tillman, Lorna Maxime Willard
Bass: Wilton Felder
Congas: Bobye Hall
Drums: Edward Green
Guitar: David T. Walker, Louie Shaldon, Weldon Dean Parks, Willie Hutch
Horns: A.D. Brisbois, George Bohanon, Joseph Kelson Jr., Keneth Shruyer, Paul Hubinon, Plass Johnson, William Green
Horns, Strings: Ernest Watts
Percussion: Jene Estes
Piano, Organ: Clarence McDonald
Strings: Arnold Belnick, Assa Drori, Denzil Lauchton, Douglas Davis, Frederic Seykora, Gail Vevant, Gareth Nuttycolbe, Jerald Vinci, Israel Baker, Jack Shulman, Jacob Krachmalnick, Lou Raderman, Myron Sandler, Paul Bergstrom, Paul Shure, Henry Ruth, Samuel Boghossian
Produced and Written by Willie Hutch

A1 Vampin’
A2 Theme Of The Mack
A3 I Choose You
A4 Mack’s Stroll / The Getaway (Chase Scene)
B1 Slick
B2 Mack Man (Got To Get Over)
B3 Mother’s Theme (Mama)
B4 Now That It’s All Over
B5 Brother’s Gonna Work It Out

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