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The El Michels Affair – Sounding Out The City (2006)
Personal Note: Formed in NYC back in 01′. Heavy funk with African influences & plenty of brass . Those that like the Soul Fire sound or the style of Dap Tone artists such as The Budos Band or Daktaris will be sure to love this little gem. The group also seems to have a fondness for the late Isaac Hayes as the band has covered a couple of his composings and the influence can often be heard on many of their offerings. One appears here…. “Hung Up On My Baby” which Ike released on the Tough Guys OST back in 74′.

Detroit Twice
Musings To Myself
Too Late To Turn Back
El Pueblo Unido
Behind The Blue Curtains
Ocho Rios
This Songs For You
Slide Show
Hung Up On My Baby*


The Whitefield Brothers – In The Raw (2001)

Personal Note: Aggressive heavy funk instrumentals with soul & African influences from the Soul Fire label. This is the only release I know of by the group but it’s sound flows in the same vein as other Soul Fire artists such as JD & The Evils Dynamite Band, The Soul Investigators or El Michells Affair
from Truth & Soul Records.
In the Raw
Sol Walk
Weiya (Serengeti Beat)


Black Milk – August ’05 Beats (2005)

Beats produced during August 2005

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S.O.U.L – What Is It (1971)

Personal Note: Released in 71′ on Musicore is the first album of 2 that I know of by S.O.U.L (Sounds Of Unity & Love). By the standards of the time when this album was dropped, The band was a hip quartet of talented musicians that parlayed a very righteous groove of funky instrumentals. The 3rd and probably most familiar track; “Burning Spear” has appeared on numerous funk compilation cds over the last 10 years and beat heads would love the drumming on their instrumental version of “Get Ready” . They also cut a take of the Charles Wright classic “Express Yourself“.

Down In The Ghetto
Get Ready
Burning Spear
Express Yourself
Message From A Black Man
Memphis Underground

S.O.U.L – Can You Feel It (1972)

Personal Note: 2nd drop on Musicore Records 1972. More intoxicating flute and funky rhythms from this lesser known group. Heavy D sampled “Peace Of Mind” on one of his early 90’s albums as Heavy D & The Boyz.

Can You Feel It
Tell It Like It Is
Do What Ever You Want To Do
Peace Of Mind
My Cherie Amour
Love, Peace & Power
To Mend A Broken Heart
Sleeping Beauty

Funk Inc – Funk Inc (1971)

Personal Note: Debut album cut out on the West Coast of Berkley, California early spring of 1971. This was the first Funk Inc album that I bought and the one that introduced me to this great group after hearing “Kool Is Back“…Borrowed from “Kool & The Gang“. The album’s liner notes mention that the legendary “Grant Green” spoke highly of the band and when the demo reel was sent in to Prestige officials, There was a note attatched that read “recommended by Jack McDuff“. Good acid jazz with plenty of funk & soul.

Kool Is Back*****
Sister Janie
The Thrill Is Gone*****
The Whipper*****

Funk Inc – Chicken Lickin’ (1972)

Personal Note: 2nd drop from Funk Inc. for Prestige label. Very much in the same vein as the first album with a full on approach to jazzy soul laced with an ounce or two of funk. To me, I swear the band must have loved the great Stax RecordsIsaac Hayes” on the track “They Trying To Get Me” as the song’s dark tone & guitar licks sound identical to those found on Ike’s legendary Hot Buttered Soul album’s “Walk On By“. I also like what they did instrumentally for Sly Stone’sRunning Away“. Great album from this 5 pc!

Chicken Lickin’
Running Away
They Trying To Get Me
The Better Half
Let’s Make Peace & Stop The War
Jung Bongo