Segun Damisa & The Afro-Beat Crusaders – Nigeria Dey Cry (2007)

Bass Guitar, Guitar: Rivo Razafindramanitra
Chorus: Carole Lalao Pham Van Xua , Corine Gireau
Congas: Franck Leymeregie
Drums: Frederic “Fred” Girard
Keyboards: Vincent “Vincho” Baribaud
Lead Vocals, Percussion: Segun Damisa
Saxophone [Bariton, Alto]: Marc “Marco” Mouches
Saxophone [Tenor]: Pierre-Henri Vulliard
Trombone: Jérémy Ortal
Trumpet: Yann Grillon
Recorded at Studio Chateau Richard
Olusegun Damisa passed away in 2006 during the final production stages of this album
01. Gari Good
02. Nigeria
03. Aids
04. Suffer Day
05. Eshere
06. Alakitijon
07.  Lailo
08. Ojeje
09. Percussions Interlude
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