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Moongod Allah – The Return Of The Ten Tigers (2002)

Moongod Allah’s second release
Every track is produced by Moongod Allah
The ten tigers are back!

1. The Return Of Bai Me feat.Cilvaringz
2. The Cup feat.Doc Blake & Feathers
3. Fifty Days Of Sword Practice feat.Cilvaringz, Origin, Magpie & Fraze
4. Ming Lu Khan feat.Magpie & Feathers
5. Generation Moonwarriors feat.Cilvaringz, Origin, Doc Blake, Magpie, Fraze, Psiklops & Roze Peddie
6. The Horse, The Sword, The Vengeance feat.Fraze, Doc Blake, Psiklops & Feathers
7. Rest feat.Origin & Doc Blake
8. Letter From Ming Lu Khan feat.Origin & Magpie
9. War At The Temple feat.Cilvaringz & Origin
10. Snake vs Crane feat.Doc Blake & Roze Peddie
11. Ten Tigers Of Kwantung feat.Cilvaringz, Doc Blake & Fraze
12. Victory feat. Cilvaringz & Feathers
13. Bonus Track

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Moongod Allah – Ten Tigers Of Kwantung (2001)

Dutch Wu-Tang affiliated Moongod Allah from Lin Brotherz with his first release. This sounds really WU! True Shaolin Style, Kung Fu movies based sound ispired by the “Ten Tigers Of Kwantung: The Tigers From Shaolin” 1979’s chinese motion pic. Who knows this album will be agree with me when i say that we need a third Moongod Allah project. This is a 2001 release, the first press seems really hard to find. Don’t waste time just grab it!
Produced by Moongod Allah, Cilvaringz (4), Origin (11)

1. Trial Of The Broken Blades feat.Origin & Fraze
2. Instructor Of Death feat.Doc Blake & Coltrane
3. Moon Warriors feat.Cilvaringz, Origin, Fraze, Magpie, Doc Blake & GI Samurai
4. Dinasty Of Blood feat.Cilvaringz & Fraze
5. Saviour Of The Soul feat.Cilvaringz & Doc Blake
6. The Wong Masters feat.Cilvaringz & Origin
7. Shaolin Handlock feat.Magpie
8. Singing Killer feat.Cilvaringz, Fraze & GI Samurai
9. A Taste Of Cold Steel feat.Cilvaringz
10. Come Drink With Me feat.Origin & Magpie
11. Science feat.Origin (bonus track)

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