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Ben Mono – Hit The Bit (promo) (2007)

Dj, producer, remixer, instrumentalist from Munich introduce us to his new BIT-HOP, a sort of fusion of Hip Hop and Electro, slowing down the tempo, and sometimes bringing us back in the 80’s with the chosen synths. In this project Ben Mono is with some important charachters like Capitol A from the Bay Area, Yo Majesty, Jemini, Killa Kela and others you have to check!

1.Intro – (featuring Jemeni)
2.Beatbox – (featuring Capitol A)
3.Hit The Bit – (featuring Yo Majesty)
4.Binary Poetry – (featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
5.Jesus Was A B-Boy – (featuring Jemeni)
6.Listen – (featuring Capitol A)
7.Pull ‘Em Down – (featuring Shane Fontane)
8.Midnight Sun – (featuring Jason Todd)
9.Don’t You Love It? – (featuring Eddie Ruleclean)
10.Indonesian Interlude – (featuring Jemeni)
11.Don’t Stop – (featuring Bliss/Main-Flow)
12.A+R Part 2 Vs. Studio R – (featuring Capitol A)
13.Universal Unit – (album version, featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
14.Blindsweep – (featuring Killa Kela)
15.Phoenix – (featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
16.Transmission – (featuring Capitol A)
17.Outro – (featuring Jemeni)

—> DL <—