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Howlin’ Wolf – The Howlin’ Wolf Album (1969)
Personal Note: Here is a bit of experimental psychedelic blues that has a certain level of funk within. This album was said to be absolutely hated by most blues purists but funk enthusiasts and crate diggers found a genuine interest in it so the album became sort of a cult classic long after it’s drop date back in 69′ on Chicago’s Chess label. Even the blues great, Howlin’ Wolf himself said that he didn’t care for the album as it contained (as he calls it) “queer” beats. Being a funk lover, I like to describe the album as a collection of The Wolf’s great blues tunes played in a hard & funky context with elements of psych/rock & electric blues. There is some sweet drumming & elec. guitar to be found here…especially with the album being released in 69′ when the world really wasn’t quite ready for this sort of offering.

Tail Dragger
Smokestack Lightning
Moanin’ At Midnight
Built For Comfort
The Red Rooster
Down In The Bottom
Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy
Back Door Man