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Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – The Brothas (2008)

HBE is: Gabriel Hubert, Jafar Baji Graves, Amal Baji Hubert, Tarik Graves, Saiph Graves, Seba Graves, Uttama Hubert, Tycho Cohran, Christopher Anderson
Limited Edition CDr Recorded At Truth & Soul Studio And Josh Roseman Studio, Brooklyn. 

1. Venus (3:35)
2. Planet Gibbous (3:12)
3. Toussaint (3:43)
4. Baji (4:46)
5. Taijete (3:23)
6. Medinah (3:16)
7. Smoov #%&@ (3:43)
8. Mars (4:09)
9. Fire (4:08)
10. Sankoffa (4:08)

Sly & The Family Stone – A Whole New Thing (1967) (2007 Reissue)

Bass, Vocals: Larry Graham
Drums: Greg Errico
Guitar, Vocals: Freddy Stone
Keyboards, Vocals: Rose Stone
Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar: Sly Stone
Saxophone, Vocals: Jerry Martini
Trumpet: Cynthia Robinson

Produced by Sly Stone

Contains 5 Bonus Tracks
Track 17 is previously unreleased

EPIC RECORDS. 1967-2007…

01. Underdog
02. If This Room Could Talk
03. Run, Run, Run
04. Turn Me Loose
05. Let Me Hear It From You
06. Advice
07.  I Cannot Make It
08. Trip To Your Heart
09.  I Hate To Love Her
10. Bad Risk
11. That Kind Of Person
12.  Dog
13. Underdog (Single Version In Mono)
14. Let Me Hear It From You (Single Version In Mono)
15. Only One Way Out Of This Mess
16. What Would I Do
17. You Better Help Yourself (Instrumental)

Love Unlimited Orchestra – White Gold (1974)

Personal Note: Very smooth soul/funk/disco offering from the maestro himself, The late Barry White. This album is actually my 2nd favorite by the Orchestra but only because of sentimental reasons. The music contained within is some of the best that the outfit has to offer. Released during the Orchestra’s peak years in 74′.

Barry’s Love (Part I)
Satin Soul
Always Thinking of You
Power of Love
Spanish Lei
You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)
Only You Can Make Me Blue********
Just Living It Up
Just Like a Baby
Barry’s Theme (Part II)

Love Unlimited Orchestra – Music Maestro Please(1975)

Personal Note:Music Maestro Please is one of the most beautiful offerings from Love Unlimited Orchestra…The 40 pc. outfit that provided the lush, daydream-styled instrumentation for “The Maestro” Barry White. I’ve always admired this album for it’s smooth and exotic yet funky soundscape. The orchestra’s use of hypnotic stringwork is absolutely astounding…with the guitars, violins and harp really working well on this offering making it a favorite of mine since the late 70’s. All instrumental and all tactfully composed, conducted & performed. Great album & one of my top 10 favorite LP’s of all time. Unfortunately, Never reissued on CD.


Bring It on Up***
Makin’ Believe That It’s You*****
I Wanna Stay
Give Up Your Love Girl*****
You’re All I Want
It’s Only What I Feel***
Midnight Groove
Forever in Love******