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Tim Maia – Racional

Howdy Y’all!!!

In this first post, im gonna take you all to a soulfullin’ melow trip on the funky’n’sunny Brazilian’s glamour godfather…

Tim Maia was born on Rio de Janeiro and he early started to compose and sing! When he went to study and work in the United State, he got in touch with all the funk gigs and soul life in the land of dreams!

Then, the Big Sam deported him back to Brazil and he implanted Soul Music on the popular brazilian music (MPB)

He earned the respect of the most known musicians of that time, and soon was a big hit, sellin’ millions of copys!

Then, Tim Maia just got high and, kinda… wonder off…

After he got in touch with an envagelical church, he did a 2 Volumes album, Racional, inspired on his believes and faith from his new belief… He even made a publisher, becoming the first artist releasing on an independent publisher…but then he just got high and, kinda… wonder off…

He canceled the production of the LP, and there only got printed about 2.000 copys, makin it a delightfull collecters myth! In 2006, on the new musical era, the disc got mixed up and released again in CD, making an huge sucess.. and theres a Vol.3 but i think it doesnt have the feeling anymore….

Here you got this softly and smoothly soul master piece, with lots of funky mooves!

Ideal for the night with your loved one…and if you’s high, then…you may just… kinda… wonder off….

Cheers, this is your cheese representin’ da Vendetta Crew from Potugal!


vol. 1

1 – Imunização racional (Que beleza) – (Tim Maia)
2 – O grão mestre varonil – (Tim Maia)
3 – Bom senso – (Tim Maia)
4 – Energia racional – (Tim Maia)
5 – Leia o livro Universo em Desencanto – (Tim Maia)
6 – Contacto com o mundo racional – (Tim Maia)
7 – Universo em desencanto – (Tim Maia)
8 – You don’t know what I know – (Tim Maia)
9 – Rational culture – (Tim Maia)

vol. 2

1 – Quer queira quer não queira – (Fábio – Tim Maia)
2 – Paz interior – (Édson Trindade)
3 – O caminho do bem – (Beto – Sergio – Paulo)
4 – Energia racional – (Tim Maia)
5 – Que legal – (Tim Maia)
6 – Cultura racional – (Beto Cajueiro)
7 – O dever de fazer propaganda deste conhecimento – (Robson Jorge)
8 – Quiné Bissau, Moçambique e Angola racional – (Tim Maia)
9 – Imunização racional (Que beleza) – (Tim Maia)