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Sybylys – Gold Star (Single) (2008)

Brand new single from Sybylys aka Silent Springs
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The Next Morning – The Next Morning (1971)
Personal Note: A rare slab of Psych/Funk/Soul/Rock that leans a little heavy on the style, ramblings and influences of Jimi Hendrix and other acid guitar groups & electric axemen of the day. The group formed in the late 60’s in New York (some say Philly) with 4 of the band’s members from Trinidad while the vocalist was from the Virgin Islands. Speaking of vocals, That department was not one of the outfit’s finer qualities but the album is definately worth a listen to fans of the genre for it’s progressive style.

The Next Morning
Changes of the Mind
Life is Love
Back to the Stone Age
A Jam of Love
Faces are Smiling

Manchild – Power & Love (1977)

Personal Note: Debut album from this 7-piece outfit that contained the nest egg of a young Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. Years before his stint as a frontman for “The Deele” in the 80’s and his excellent solo career over at Laface, Kenny played electric guitar for Manchild. Daryl Simmons was also a member of the band and the two went on to collaborate together on various LaFace projects with countless big name R&B stars. Though Manchild never really made it big and quite frankly, Suffered from some simply not-so-funky moments, The band did have a few guitar-heavy hot numbers and at times had a style close to that of “Earth, Wind & Fire” and other righteous-groove/unity based outfits. Musically, Manchild had the potential to blossom into a great ensemble but folded just after 3 albums.
Red Hot Daddy
(I Want To Feel Your) Power And Love
Especially For You
Takin’ It To The Streets
You Get What You Give
We Need We
These Are The Things That Are Special To Me
Funky Situation

Manchild – Feel The Phuff (1978)
Personal Note: Second studio album from the Indy bred Manchild. Another guitar-heavy/black rock/funk induced album from 78′.
The Phuff
Walk With Me
If You Don’t Tell No One
Rowdy-Dowdy Blues
Don’t Get Me Rowdy
Our Message
Maybe My Baby
One Tender Moment

Eddie Hazel – Games, Dames And Guitar Thangs(1973)

Personal Note:Great guitar work from the late P-Funk affilliated Eddie Hazel. Played with the same tripped-out progressive energy that he blessed the “Funkadelic” camp with but goes down smoothly with a less acid/more funk type approach. This album was Hazel’s solo debut in 73′ with George Clinton collaborating. Sadly, Eddie Hazel’s studio involvement with music soon became minimal over the years leading to his untimely death in 1992.

California Dreamin’
Frantic Moment
So Goes the Story
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Physical Love
What About It?
California Dreamin’ (Reprise)

Smedley Smorganoff [*]
Lampoc Boogie [*]
Unkut Funk [*]



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Mutiny – Mutiny On The Mamaship (1979)
Personal Note: P-Funk affilliate and one of Parliament/Funkadelic’s most prominent drummers, Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey produced, arranged, mixed, played drums & percussion on this solo album for Columbia Records in 79′. Not nessessarily essential P-Funk but worth a listen.

Go Away From Here
What More Can I Say
Funk ‘N’ Bop
Burning Up
Voyage To The Bottom Of The “P”
Everytime You Come Around