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Nigeria Disco Funk Special – The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79

Well… aint your Cheesy bizzie funky schmizzie a great friend og y’all??? givin you that funky shit that you’l die for… gettin da ladies impressed when they enter your Punto, hein??? well, today i got sumthin da tell ya… if you think Lagos was a quiet place back in the 70’s… You’r right… but the underground clubs, well, they we’re FUNKen LOUD!!!!!

here you can grab a really great compilation (the 3rd one from the Nigeria Special series) of the Afro Disco and Funk in Lagos! on the 70’s, of course, cuz in 70’s IT WAS THE SHIT!!!!

dont be shy and comment!! the more commented a post is, the more downloads it gets!!!

Nigeria Disco Funk Special – The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79

1. The Sahara All Stars — Take Your Soul
2. T-Fire — Will of the People
3. Asiko Rock Group — Lagos City
4. Johnny Haastrup — Greetings
5. Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies — You’ve Gotta Help Yourself
6. Jay-U Experience — Some More
7. Voice of Darkness — Mota Ginya
8. Dr Adolf Ahanotu — Ijere
9. S-Job Movement — Love Affair


Beretta 70 – Roaring Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80

Hey, ya funkers!!!!

This time i bring a special from the blog’s original country!!!

in this compilation, you can discover how beatifull were all the soundtracks that were hand by hand with the mob movies!!! i assure you that this is a priceless pearl that you cant miss!!!

Beretta 70 – Roaring Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80


1. Via Della Droga – Goblin
2. Goodbye My Friend [Il Cittadino Si Ribella] – Maurizio DeAngelis, Guido & Maurizio, Guy
3. Mark [Mark Il Poliziotto Spara Per Primo] – Adriano Fabi
4. Blazing Magnum [Una Magnum Special Per Tony Saitta] – Armando Trovaioli
5. Driving All Around [Il Cittadino Si Ribella] – Guy,
6. Polizia Ha le Mani Legate – Stelvio Cipriani
7. Summertime Killer [Ricatto Alla Malla]
8. Man Before Your Time [Napoli Violenta] – Bulldog, , Franco Micalizzi
9. Folk & Violence [Napoli Violenta] – Franco Micalizzi
10. Life of a Policeman [La Polizia Incrimina, La Legge Assolve]
11. New Special Squad [Roma Violenta]
12. Italia a Mano Armata – Franco Micalizzi
13. Escape [Il Giorno del Cobra] – Paolo Vasile
14. Nucelo Antirapina [Operazionne K-Sparate A Vista]

see ya all again in my next poooooost-a-hooo!!!!

Echo Soundsystem – Tempo Vai Dizer

Hey!!! I’m back from the danceclub, and im on the moove for sharing a few knowledge with y’all!

Remeber that, in my last post, i told you that Tim Maiajust liked to get high and wonder off?!

Then when he was high, i bet that he would love to listen this SOBERB brazilian project called Echo SoundSystem

This first album called Tempo Vai Dizer is inspired (and highly blunted) on Jamaican vibes…

DJ Dubstrong(who, for me, was the mainly inspiration to start posting @ blogs)got togheter with Veiga, Gusta and Daniel Ganjaman, and the did a Rocksteady, dub, dancehall, funky soul kind of thing, always drinkin’ on hip-hop and, of course, Jamaica, since the early years to now-a-days…

first of all i post you a video so you can listen to the single..

Echo Soundsystem – Tempo Vai Dizer (single)

and here you got your next precious, so you all can have a pleasent evening with your book and double whisky… on the shelf… wile you got your partner for a cousy dance and a lot of blunts!!!!!

This was your cheeszy bizzy again, with props from Portugal, y’all!!!

Echo SoundSystem – Tempo Vai Dizer


1. Echo Sound feat. General Smiley
2. Calma Mamma
3. Todos um feat. Pyroman, Funk Buia e Jimmy Luv
4. Punanny feat. Arcanjo
5. Supamind Dub
6. So D’eu Ver(de) feat. Pyroman
7. Sun Will Shine (interlude)
8. Rookie Rock feat. General Smiley e Funk Buia
9. Inna Babylon feat. Arcanjo
10. I & I feat. Pyroman
11. Vampire feat. Pyroman e Jimmy Luv
12. Replay feat. Jimmy Luv
13. Rockstar (interlude)
14. Tempo Vai Dizer
15. Pas Tester feat. Pyroman
16. Kaya Monkeys (Safari Dub)
17. Original Style (Stalag) feat. Pyroman
18. O Bom Filho
19. Do Nada (interlude)
20. Leão de Asas feat. Arcanjo
21. Favorite Song

Tim Maia – Racional

Howdy Y’all!!!

In this first post, im gonna take you all to a soulfullin’ melow trip on the funky’n’sunny Brazilian’s glamour godfather…

Tim Maia was born on Rio de Janeiro and he early started to compose and sing! When he went to study and work in the United State, he got in touch with all the funk gigs and soul life in the land of dreams!

Then, the Big Sam deported him back to Brazil and he implanted Soul Music on the popular brazilian music (MPB)

He earned the respect of the most known musicians of that time, and soon was a big hit, sellin’ millions of copys!

Then, Tim Maia just got high and, kinda… wonder off…

After he got in touch with an envagelical church, he did a 2 Volumes album, Racional, inspired on his believes and faith from his new belief… He even made a publisher, becoming the first artist releasing on an independent publisher…but then he just got high and, kinda… wonder off…

He canceled the production of the LP, and there only got printed about 2.000 copys, makin it a delightfull collecters myth! In 2006, on the new musical era, the disc got mixed up and released again in CD, making an huge sucess.. and theres a Vol.3 but i think it doesnt have the feeling anymore….

Here you got this softly and smoothly soul master piece, with lots of funky mooves!

Ideal for the night with your loved one…and if you’s high, then…you may just… kinda… wonder off….

Cheers, this is your cheese representin’ da Vendetta Crew from Potugal!


vol. 1

1 – Imunização racional (Que beleza) – (Tim Maia)
2 – O grão mestre varonil – (Tim Maia)
3 – Bom senso – (Tim Maia)
4 – Energia racional – (Tim Maia)
5 – Leia o livro Universo em Desencanto – (Tim Maia)
6 – Contacto com o mundo racional – (Tim Maia)
7 – Universo em desencanto – (Tim Maia)
8 – You don’t know what I know – (Tim Maia)
9 – Rational culture – (Tim Maia)

vol. 2

1 – Quer queira quer não queira – (Fábio – Tim Maia)
2 – Paz interior – (Édson Trindade)
3 – O caminho do bem – (Beto – Sergio – Paulo)
4 – Energia racional – (Tim Maia)
5 – Que legal – (Tim Maia)
6 – Cultura racional – (Beto Cajueiro)
7 – O dever de fazer propaganda deste conhecimento – (Robson Jorge)
8 – Quiné Bissau, Moçambique e Angola racional – (Tim Maia)
9 – Imunização racional (Que beleza) – (Tim Maia)