Ben Mono – Hit The Bit (promo) (2007)

Dj, producer, remixer, instrumentalist from Munich introduce us to his new BIT-HOP, a sort of fusion of Hip Hop and Electro, slowing down the tempo, and sometimes bringing us back in the 80’s with the chosen synths. In this project Ben Mono is with some important charachters like Capitol A from the Bay Area, Yo Majesty, Jemini, Killa Kela and others you have to check!

1.Intro – (featuring Jemeni)
2.Beatbox – (featuring Capitol A)
3.Hit The Bit – (featuring Yo Majesty)
4.Binary Poetry – (featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
5.Jesus Was A B-Boy – (featuring Jemeni)
6.Listen – (featuring Capitol A)
7.Pull ‘Em Down – (featuring Shane Fontane)
8.Midnight Sun – (featuring Jason Todd)
9.Don’t You Love It? – (featuring Eddie Ruleclean)
10.Indonesian Interlude – (featuring Jemeni)
11.Don’t Stop – (featuring Bliss/Main-Flow)
12.A+R Part 2 Vs. Studio R – (featuring Capitol A)
13.Universal Unit – (album version, featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
14.Blindsweep – (featuring Killa Kela)
15.Phoenix – (featuring Kerry L. Dooley)
16.Transmission – (featuring Capitol A)
17.Outro – (featuring Jemeni)

—> DL <—


Lake Entertainment presents: The 41st Side (2001)

First Hip Hop album of this blog is requested by my bro’ Chef. Have Fun!

1. Intro (Lake)
2. Cardboard Box (Havoc, Jackal, Littles, Nature)
3. It’s Serious – Interlude (Lake)
4. Crush Linen (Lake)
5. Pain (Noyd, A.Dog)
6. Do My Thang (Killa Sha)
7. Husslers and Gangsterz (Germ & Artillery)
8. Take U Back (Bars N Hooks, Chinky, Don Alon)
9. Interlude (Lake)
10. Let’Em Hang (Nas, Lake, V12)
11. Interlude (Lake)
12. Crazy 8’s (Littles, Wiz, Blitz, Jungle, Faul Monday, Germ, Lake, Prodigy)
13. Why Y’all Wanna Play (Killa Sha, Faul Monday, Mr.Chalise)
14. Interlude (Lake)
15. Keep Doin’ U (Craig G, Voice)
16. We Gon Buck (Cormega, CNN, Lake)
17. Get Back (Prodigy, Tragedy, Ammo)
18. Right Or Wrong (Blitz, Lake)
19. Interlude (Lake)
20. 41st Side (Bigga Du, Fly Tye, Hooks, Don Alon)
21. Outro (Lake)


Amnesty – Free Your Mind (2007)

Another Now Again Records Funk release compiled by Egon from Stones Throw Records, produced by AMNESTY…this is your next days soundtrack dudes!!!

1. Can I Help You?
2. Love Fades
3. Mister President
4. Free Your Mind
5. We Have Love
6. Lord Help Me *
7. Three Cheers For My Baby *
8. Trouble Will Remain
9. We’ve Come a Long Way
10. Liberty


Funk Inc. – Superfunk (1973)

For the OPENING DANCE, San Pasquale Entertainment gives you a classic funk LP. Recorded in Berkeley in july 1973, this is what you must have if you love funk stuff. So do not waste other minutes reading my bullshits…just grab it!!

1. Message From The Meters
2. Goodbye, So Long
3. The Hill Where The Lord Hides
4. Honey, I Love You
5. Just Don’t Mean A Thing
6. I’m Going To Love You

—> GRAB IT <—

Flow Dynamics – Flow Dynamics (2007)

Australian multi instrumentalist Dave McKinney with his friends will perpetrate our minds with his funky grooves…WE NEED MORE STUFF LIKE THIS!!!! From INVADA RECORDS.

1. Introduction
2. Live In The Mix
3. Shock Ya Mind
4. Superjam
5. Up In The Party
6. Tremendo Boogaloo
7. At The Speakeasy
8. Just Expressin
9. Better On Stage
10. C’Mon & Get It
11. Cut Edit
12. Straight From The Ground
13. Steady Rockin

—> DL <—

FLORIDA FUNK – Funk 45’s From The Alligator State 1968,1975 (2007)

From “Now Again Records” another old funk selection straight from the alligator state

1. The Universals – New Generation
2. Pearly Queen – Quit Jive’in
3. James Knight & The Butlers – Save Me
4. Carrie Riley & The Fascinations – Super Cool
5. Oceanliners – Cutting Room (Hot Pants)
6. The Mighty Dogcatchers – It’s Gonna Be A Mess (Pt. II)
7. Bobby Williams & His Mar Kings – All The Time
8. Sam Baker – Do Right Man
9. Pearl Dowdell – Good Things
10. Delrays – Pure Funk (Pt. II)
11. Little Beaver – Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay (Pts. I & II)
12. Blowfly – Butterfly Theme
13. Willie Johnson – Lay It On Me
14. The Outlaw Gang – Funky Fast Bump
15. Luis Santi Y Su Conjunto – Los Feligreses
16. Coke – Na Na
17. Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders – Soul Food
18. The Third Guitar – Baby Don’t Cry
19. Weston Prim & Blacklash – Spider Web
20. The Montereys – Get Down
21. Vanessa Kendrick – 90% Of Me Is You
22. Lavell Kamma – Soft Soul (previously unreleased)


Need both of them!